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“When should I seek for counseling?”
“It’s never too soon,” I said. Let me help you.
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Sexuality Issues

I have dealt with various cases–on both men and women–of sexual pain problems, lack of desire, arousal and orgasmic issues (difficulties in getting aroused or orgasms), “sexual addiction“, disruptive changes in sexual life. Or you might notice some discrepancy of sexual preferences in your relationship? Let’s do something about it.

I utilised mostly cognitive behavioural and mindfulness approach to tackle these issues and help you get the happy and satisfying sex lives that you deserve.


Relationships in any form are not immune from hiccups or even bigger problems. I am experienced in helping couples going through the aftermath of infidelity, the seemingly irreconcilable differences that led to discussion of separation, as well as helping couples to demonstrate better communication skills, conflict resolutions, in order to regain the harmonyrespect, and trust that we all strive for.

Modern Dating

I’ve heard people gush about the “horror” of modern dating, due to the endless options, starting over again, and *poof* you got ghosted. Something that wasn’t a problem for our mom and dad’s generation.

Yes, sometimes being single and ready to mingle is hard and might take a toll on you. Maybe you feel that this problem is so menial you don’t feel entitled to be bothered about it. But I do get it! And I want to help you navigate this modern dating scene healthily and most importantly, with a peace of mind.


Anxiety and overthinking are seemingly apparent in today’s generation. I experience that too sometimes, so I know firsthand how it feels like and constantly improving. Let me share all sort of stuff that have helped me, incorporating it to our therapy goals with the cognitive behavioural or acceptance and commitment therapy approach in a way that is effective and also tailor made for your unique needs.


Depression might be more common than we initially thought. At some point in our lives, we probably are quite prone to depressive thoughts that disrupts our functioning in our day to day functioning. Sometimes it is harder to wake up in the morning, sometimes it feels like we don’t have the energy to do anything, sometimes we feel hopeless like nothing matters anymore. Let me help you find hope and meaning to your life again.

Stress Management

Whether we are a working individual, mom or dad of a “terrible two”, expecting mom, a struggling university student, none of us are prone to stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life but it is not always bad. It can also gear and prepare us for challenges so we can strive to be the better version of ourselves. Let me help you through that journey.

And also... your other struggles

Our experiences are uniquely ours and sometimes words that I put here couldn’t possibly reflect the personal or relationship struggles that you are going through. I would like to take time and listen to whatever challenges that you are facing, and hopefully together we can establish some steps that you could take to take control back into your life and your relationship with your loved ones.

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  • This is an online counseling through Google Meet (link will be sent to your email), no offline meeting available at the moment.
  • Time shown is in Western Indonesian Time (GMT+7).
  • For couples, I see each member individually for the first session. Please book two individual appointments first – one for each person.