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Terms of Consultation

Understanding and consenting to all the terms on this page is a prerequisite for making a booking.

Online consultation

  • Online consultation might not be suitable for all problems. Should your psychologist assess that online consultation is not suitable for your condition and needs, an alternative approach will be recommended.
  • We take utmost care in securing your data. However, it should be understood that online medium is not immune from security threats. The client will also take responsibility in securing their devices and connection.
  • Connection problems may occur and in this case, the psychologist and client will try to reconnect, switch to voice call, or reschedule.
  • Online consultation is not appropriate if the client is having strong suicidal or homicidal thoughts (strong urges to harm oneself or others). Should this be the case, it is best to suggest you to go to the nearest emergency room.
  • During online consultation, it is not allowed for the psychologist or the client to make any recordings or photos at any point of the session.


  • All payment needs to be paid upfront. Your booking will be successful when you have successfully made your payment.
  • All payment on this website is handled by Xendit. You will be directed to their payment getaway while checking out. Therefore, you agree that all submitted data for your order will be processed by payment processor.
  • You can read more about Xendit’s security policy here.

Cancellation or rescheduling policy

  • We cannot grant you a refund for your cancellation.
  • However, online consultation can be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance without extra charge. Your booking confirmation email will include a link that enables you to do so.
  • The psychologist will wait for you for maximum 10 minutes after the appointment starts, otherwise it will be considered a missed appointment.
  • But if you cannot make it to the session without rescheduling before, we are sorry that we cannot grant you a refund for the missed appointment.