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As someone who aspire to normalise discussions about sexual well-being, mental health, women empowerment, and many other causes, I am always excited to partner with anyone who shares the same vision.

Let’s find out what we can do together!

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I would be happy to share my knowledge, expertise, and experience within the topics that you care about through seminars, talkshows, or workshops (Yes, you can book me to do workshops for your internal employees too!).

I am very comfortable in front of large number of audience—something that I have trained myself for—, and I am always excited for new collaboration opportunities!

I am grateful to receive much much love from my over 150,000 Instagram followers which I frequently share useful information related to the issues that I care about. I would love to share with them, too, your messages in a relevant and engaging way through a creative collaboration.

I am also open to brainstorm and listen to your needs so we can come up with impactful partnerships.

Yes, sometimes it is nice to be the one asking questions for a change! If you are planning to have an event, talkshow, Instagram LIVE, or all sorts of discussions that you would like me to host or moderate for, just hit me up.

Or… I could also go solo and interact with people’s online questions and comments! That could work too.

Writing comes naturally for me! As much as I enjoy sharing information in front of the camera, I could say that putting my thoughts into words is my forte and sanctuary.

Let’s create meaningful and groundbreaking articles for you and the causes that you care about.

Faizal Fanani – Liputan6Com

If you are a media or journalist writing or covering some pieces on mental health or sexual and relationship issues, ask me the burning questions that you have in mind. I will see how I can help you with.

I am planning to host online events in the future and I would love to have you on board as one of my sponsors! We can brainstorm about what sorts of events that we would like to craft, in order to bring benefit for you and many others.

Some brands that worked with

Sexual Well-Being, Love, & Health

Nipplets Lingerie
Gthings Love Instruments
Higea Diva Menstrual Cup
Uniqlo Wireless Bra
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk
Good Doctor


Investing in Women
The Body Shop
HMNS Perfume
Gillette Venus


Jago Bank
DBS Bank
Permata Bank
Vivo Smartphone
Astra Life Insurance
Gobear Indonesia


Kementerian Kesehatan
Kementerian Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak
PT PP (Persero) Tbk
BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
Bina Nusantara

ⓘ Note that some of these partnerships were in the distant past.

Should you have any concerns/questions regarding this, please check my availability to work with your brand at the moment.

Faizal Fanani – Liputan6Com

From what was a hopeful vision turned into a tangible and beautiful legacy, and it was all made possible by having Inez on board on our purpose driven campaign on how to raise awareness about sexual health especially for the younger generation ...

Rachel Dwiayutia (1)Marketing Manager of Durex Indonesia (2018-2019)

... She has taken active role not just as a content creator, but to the extension of a strategist, rooted from her deep knowledge and passion on education, utilizing and harnessing her platform to reach and speak to the future generation of Indonesia ...

Rachel Dwiayutia (2)Marketing Manager of Durex Indonesia (2018-2019)

... It was a dream for every brand to have someone like her to join the mission, as she took time and efforts understanding the brand core values, enabling her to provide customized relevant approaches that adds value for the brand to achieve its objectives. It was truly a privilege and honor having to work with her, looking forward to having another exciting opportunity in the future.

Rachel Dwiayutia (3)Marketing Manager of Durex Indonesia (2018-2019)

Inez is a very professional and smart key opinion leader. Not only she follows the campaign brief well, she also takes time to research the related materials to create a method of delivery that is suitable to her persona and her educational messages. She is a woman of principle when it comes to her job and expertise, making her a reliable as well as a versatile and a fun partner to work with.

Agnes Aninditya (@hepi_mommy)Founder and CEO of HEPI. Inc

Inez is a very professional & creative content creator. Always posts on time, finds the best hook and delivers the message in an engaging way. Would definitely work with her again.

Clara VaniaBrand Director of tentangKita

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